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Shiuji Konishi

Description of business

KONISHI developed a "new hybrid mold" that is an entirely new mold technology by which it is possible to simultaneously conduct processing by mold and machine processing. Processing that used to require machine processing and multiple processes with molds can now be done through processing using one pressing machine, and it is possible to manufacture molds that match customers' pressing machines, even for products of all kinds of complicated shapes.
It also contributes to drastically cut the number of processes by handling automatic operation. With this proposal KONISHI can contribute to increase the benefit of customers in ways such as cost reduction, social contributions, and employment creation. This is Konishi Process-Integrated Metal Molds with an entirely new hybrid structure.

Products and Technologies

Pressing processes reduced to 1/6! These molds are helpful to reduce cost.

A mystery born through manufacture of more than ten thousand metal molds…

●Original cam-based structure operated multi-directionally
3 faces of complex curved shape can be processed in 1 operation. 6 operations are reduced to 1. Dramatic saving of man-hours and labor.
●Block structure
One can replace only components exposed to severe friction. This saves the mold replacement time.
●Guaranteed high accuracy of processed parts
Accuracy of five hundredths of a millimeter

Breakthrough improvement of efficiency, productivity gain and cost reduction!

Press molded parts combining creativity and technology

Comprehensive support from prototyping through finished products

Press molded products

Their molds are products featuring creativity and technology, and intended for labor saving and cost reduction, through consistent improvement of production efficiency and added value in terms of ECO (ECOlogical and ECOnomical).

They manufacture metal press molds using an original integrated technology refined through a half-century experience and achievements.
They can provide comprehensive support from prototyping through finished products; moreover, they can offer low-cost structures and design from the stage of product planning

Konishi Engineering Mold Set for high-mix low-volume production

Supports products of any shape using squeezing, bending, notching, punching, coining and other processes.

Konishi Engineering Mold Set

Konishi Engineering Mold Set for high-mix low-volume production combines low cost with setup time reduction.

The unit design provides easy maintenance, while saving storage space

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
6-4-47 Nakaishikiri-cho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 579-8014, Japan
Shiuji Konishi
Founded / Established
1968 / 1988
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20,000,000 yen
Major account
Automobile part manufacturers, custom kitchen manufacturers, steel furniture manufacturers, air-conditioning equipment manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, architectural hardware manufacturers