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Product line

Thermosetting resin parts

Electrical insulation and heat-resistant parts

Automobile parts and preicision parts


Takeshi Kato

Description of business

Andou Seisakusho is specialized in manufacture of thermosetting resin products. Its main factory and Kanzakigawa factory use technologies of compression molding and extrusion molding, respectively. Based on long-cultivated molding technology and expertise, it can provide customers with expert advice as early as in design phase so as to manufacture better products.

Products and Technologies

Molding technologies

Its equipment supports compression/transfer molding of 50 – 300 ton and extrusion molding of 75 – 150 ton

Synthetic resins are employed in heavy electrical machinery, including automotive industry, for large-sized breakers, thick-walled moldings and other components that require mechanical strength in addition to heat resistance.

Transfer molding is used mostly for connectors, and thermosetting resin products are molded simultaneously with metal inserts. Extrusion molding is often used for precise parts and important safety related parts of automotive parts, gears, etc.

Through participating in design, Andou aims at better products.

Its products are thoroughly finished including fine manual deburring

In order to meet customer needs, it participates in design to cooperate in selection of appropriate materials and mold design.

Andou is always seeking improvement of its products as experts in thermosetting resin products.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
10-17 Nakaya-Cho, Nishinomiya city, Hyogo, 662-0868, Japan
Takeshi Kato
Founded / Established
1931 / 1956
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